My name is Andrew Minion, and I specialize in helping churches, missionaries, and other ministries by creating attractive, compelling websites and designing and printing brochures, invitations, postcards, and other printed material.

I have had over 13 years of experience in designing and printing promotional materials, including brochures, posters, invitations, postcards, and newsletters, as well as mastering and producing a few CDs. If you need help with any printed material, contact me. If you’d like to see some samples, look here.


Hebrew Flashcards

Resources Flashcards Deluxe on the iTunes App Store ($3.99) Flashcards Deluxe Lite on the iTunes App Store (FREE) Hebrew SBL font (at the top of the page) Hebrew Flashcards (.zip file) Adding the Flashcards Download the .zip file mentioned above and open it. Connect your iDevice to your computer and open iTunes. Click on your […]

A Few of My Favorite (iOS) Apps

A bit of background: I was asked to recommend some iOS apps for somebody recently, so here’s a list of a few of my favorites and how I use them. I have an iPhone 3GS with no contract, so it’s basically a glorified iPod with a camera. And I’m a cheapskate, so I use the […]

Editable/Printable Invoice, Version 3

Chris Coyier created this wonderful editable, printable invoice a while ago, along with work by Vinh Pham. I needed an invoice system for my business, so I began using his template. I made some tweaks to include my logo and contact information so I didn’t have to add it every time, and tweaked the title to include […]

Don’t Complain!

When I complain, “I’m telling the world that God is a pathetic, disorganized deity who can’t seem to get my life straight. I’m telling a lie about God.” from page 106 of The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence by Stephen Altrogge.

A Work in Progress

In case you haven’t noticed, this site is a work in progress. I ditched the old theme and started basically from scratch with the Toolbox theme from Automattic. Much of the visual look was inspired by a Tumblr theme called “Catching Elephant.” I hope you like the new look. If you have any problems or […]

Site Redesign

I’m not quite happy with this design—it’s the generic default WordPress theme, and it’s too generic, too boring. You may notice small (or large) changes over the next few days and weeks. I’ll be working on it off and on to improve the look of the site overall, as well as adding a few more pages […]

Hello world!

I’ve been gone for a bit, rethinking and working on this site. There’s a lot of tweaking left to do on it, but it’s back now. I’m shifting the focus of this site to showing work and services that I provide and have done in the past—a portfolio and advertising. Stay tuned for more updates […]