My name is Andrew Minion, and I specialize in helping churches, missionaries, and other ministries by creating attractive, compelling websites and designing and printing brochures, invitations, postcards, and other printed material.

I have had over 13 years of experience in designing and printing promotional materials, including brochures, posters, invitations, postcards, and newsletters, as well as mastering and producing a few CDs. If you need help with any printed material, contact me. If you’d like to see some samples, look here.


Last Things book

Some time ago, Dr. Comfort approached me about working on republishing several books for him. The first one came in this afternoon and it looks great! I took the Word files that he provided and reworked them in Adobe InDesign for the final layout, researched ISBN and UPC codes, and worked with the printer to […]

Commencement Program—ABC

As part of my job as Media Services Coordinator at Ambassador Baptist College, I was in charge of the program for Commencement Exercises. Prior to this year, they had been a simple sheet of parchment paper, run on our copier, and folded in half. President Alton Beal wanted something more modern and stylish to better […]

CLAMP Ministry

CLAMP Ministry needed to be able to update and maintain their site without technical knowledge. They contacted me, asking if I could build a site from their already-designed pages. I took their Illustrator files and turned them into this site. It uses a custom PHP framework and the PageLime CMS for easy updating. They also […]

A Call to Charlotte Poster

Dan Tarr asked me if I could help him out—he and some friends were holding a week of meetings in downtown Charlotte and needed posters for advertising. He already had a sketched idea of what he wanted, but needed it cleaned up a bit for printing. I was able to help him out, and he […]