Have Faith in God CD

Scott had me do the artwork for his self-published CD, as well as the recording and mastering.

It was recorded on the sound system at Ambassador Baptist College, but I was able give it a faux stereo effect for more depth. Listen to a sample below to see what I mean:

Audio Samples

Track Name Length
1 I Will Greet the Day with Singing 3:11
2 I’ll Sing It for Jesus Today 3:12
3 I’ve Been Lifted 2:42
4 Do You Wear the Glow of Calv’ry On Your Face? 4:17
5 No Time for the King of Kings 3:37
6 There’s a Sweetness Through It All 2:49
7 I Choose Thee, Blessed Will of God 3:00
8 I Love Thee, Lord Jesus 3:12
9 God Is in My Tomorrow 4:00
10 At the Crossroads 2:22
11 Have Faith in God 3:37
12 Peace Within 4:16
13 Great Is Thy Faithfulness 3:48

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