CLAMP Ministry

CLAMP Ministry needed to be able to update and maintain their site without technical knowledge. They contacted me, asking if I could build a site from their already-designed pages. I took their Illustrator files and turned them into this site. It uses a custom PHP framework and the PageLime CMS for easy updating. They also wanted to have the ability to upload photos of recent projects, so I included a photo album functionality.

Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church contacted me about redesigning their website. They wanted something simple that they could maintain without technical coding knowledge.

I was able to develop a new site for them, based on a custom PHP framework and MySQL database, as well as the PageLime CMS, so church staff could easily maintain the site. It also uses Google Calendar for easy updating, as well as my sermon plugin, which pulls all the relevant information from the filename of an MP3 file, allowing the soundboard crew to upload the file and be done with it.

I also integrated their missionaries database with Google Maps, allowing visitors to see where missionaries serve.

Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary had been using Microsoft FrontPage to create and edit their site, but nobody was keeping up with it. It needed to be redesigned and rebuilt from scratch. After taking inventory and suggesting a brand-new structure for the information they had and needed, I designed a new site based on a custom PHP framework and MySQL, along with the PageLime CMS, to allow non-technical staff to easily edit and update the site.

Google Calendar is the information source for the calendar page, allowing easy editing. The sermons section automatically shows all the information from the filename of an MP3 file, allowing the soundboard crew to upload the file and forget about it.

Calvary also had a password-protected members’ section on the old site, and they wanted to keep that functionality. I built a password-protected section, with two different levels of access, determined individually by the staff for each member. This allowed church members to have full access, while connected visitors could still see photos.

All this was completed in the last two weeks of my time in Elkins Park.