Last Things book

Some time ago, Dr. Comfort approached me about working on republishing several books for him. The first one came in this afternoon and it looks great!

I took the Word files that he provided and reworked them in Adobe InDesign for the final layout, researched ISBN and UPC codes, and worked with the printer to make sure that I matched their specifications.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and am looking forward to working on the next one.

Why Should I Choose the King James Bible? brochure

Pastor Charles Surrett has written a book on the Greek text behind the KJV version of the Bible, and wanted to d to produce a short pamphlet written for the layman on the same subject. He had a tri-fold brochure that he had created in Word, and wanted some suggestions and improvements to make it more appealing.

I ended up completely redesigning the entire brochure, and he was extremely happy with the result. In fact, he ordered nearly three times as many as he had originally planned, and is distributing them to various churches.

God Is in My Tomorrow CD

Kevin Gilbert wanted to produce a CD, so asked me to handle the entire process. We did the recordings with Ambassador Baptist College’s equipment; after doing the post-production work on the audio, I designed the CD case to make it look as good as he sounds.

Audio Samples

Track Name
1 He Has Washed My Sins Away
2 The Wonder of the Cross
3 Will You Serve Me?
4 He Works All Things Together
5 Blessed Quietness
6 I Have Never Lost the Wonder of It All
7 Sunlight
8 Tho’ the Seasons Come and Go
9 Nearer, Still Nearer
10 Wonderful Name
11 Great Is Thy Faithfulness
12 God Is in My Tomorrow

Commencement Program—ABC

As part of my job as Media Services Coordinator at Ambassador Baptist College, I was in charge of the program for Commencement Exercises. Prior to this year, they had been a simple sheet of parchment paper, run on our copier, and folded in half. President Alton Beal wanted something more modern and stylish to better honor the graduates and commemorate this special occasion in their lives. This booklet gives room for a bit more information about graduation and the various awards that are given each year. You see the entire booklet here.

Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church contacted me about redesigning their website. They wanted something simple that they could maintain without technical coding knowledge.

I was able to develop a new site for them, based on a custom PHP framework and MySQL database, as well as the PageLime CMS, so church staff could easily maintain the site. It also uses Google Calendar for easy updating, as well as my sermon plugin, which pulls all the relevant information from the filename of an MP3 file, allowing the soundboard crew to upload the file and be done with it.

I also integrated their missionaries database with Google Maps, allowing visitors to see where missionaries serve.

Have Faith in God CD

Scott had me do the artwork for his self-published CD, as well as the recording and mastering.

It was recorded on the sound system at Ambassador Baptist College, but I was able give it a faux stereo effect for more depth. Listen to a sample below to see what I mean:

Audio Samples

Track Name Length
1 I Will Greet the Day with Singing 3:11
2 I’ll Sing It for Jesus Today 3:12
3 I’ve Been Lifted 2:42
4 Do You Wear the Glow of Calv’ry On Your Face? 4:17
5 No Time for the King of Kings 3:37
6 There’s a Sweetness Through It All 2:49
7 I Choose Thee, Blessed Will of God 3:00
8 I Love Thee, Lord Jesus 3:12
9 God Is in My Tomorrow 4:00
10 At the Crossroads 2:22
11 Have Faith in God 3:37
12 Peace Within 4:16
13 Great Is Thy Faithfulness 3:48